Core Values: Responsibility Innovation Beyond
Enterprise tenet: Responsible for employees Responsible for the company
Business philosophy: people-oriented, integrity, industry, technology, leading the world, competition
Entrepreneurial spirit: mutual help, dedication, dedication, self-improvement, self-transcendence
Corporate style: Strict and pragmatic Teamwork Intentional service Fast and efficient
Code of Conduct: Love the party, patriotism, love the company, obey the law, be honest and trustworthy, learn to innovate, perform duties.
Unity and cooperation, service at heart, safe production, diligence, saving, civility, courtesy, hygiene
Development concept: strategy-driven, independent creation, fine management
Innovation concept: everyone can create miracles
Safety concept: Safety production responsibility is more important than Taishan
Quality concept: quality is the lifeline of the company
Service concept: the next process is the user of the previous process
Environmental concept: the environment is competitive