People are the primary resource for business management, and Donglun Electric pays attention to talent cultivation. We adhere to the principle of "love talent, cherish talent, and talent" and build a stage for real talents to realize the value of life.
First, training
We will provide training opportunities for employees in all departments of the company in a timely manner, through a series of trainings to help you plan for future development.
1. Pre-employment training for new employees: The contents include employee handbooks, basic corporate rules and regulations.
2. On-the-job training: All departments will conduct necessary on-the-job training for new employees according to their needs. Only after passing the training and examination can they be employed independently.
3. On-the-job training: According to the annual training plan and job requirements, you will get professional training opportunities.
Second, the assessment
Employees' assessment is generally divided into annual assessments and annual assessments. The results of the annual assessments are the main basis for the payment of the year-end portion of the salary. Your work attitude and job performance determine whether you can achieve good assessment results.
Third, transfer
Depending on your abilities, job performance and the company's actual needs, you may be transferred to other departments, because we are convinced that this will be more beneficial to your potential.
Fourth, promotion and development
The company provides equal opportunities for competition and development for each employee. Excellent work performance and enterprising spirit enable you to be promoted and pursue higher and more challenging jobs.